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Systematic Review Infectious Diseases
Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 and Fungal Coinfections: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Study

Mahsa Abdorahimi; Alireza Abdollahi; Sadegh Khodavaisy; Haleh Sarrafnia

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 136-146


  Background & Objective: Fungal co-infections increase the incidence and mortality of viral respiratory tract infections. This study systematically reviews and conducts a meta-analysis to evaluate the prevalence of COVID-19 patients with fungal coinfections. The aim is to provide a concise overview ...  Read More

Original Research Oral Pathology
Comparing Length and Telomere Expression at Oral Precancerous and Cancerous Stages

Fahad Mansoor Samadi; Shaista Suhail; Manjari Sonam; Mohd Kaleem Ahmad; Vijay Kumar; Shaleen Chandra; Shadab Mohammad

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 147-152


  Background & Objective: Telomeres consist of repetitive G-rich nucleotides located at the end of each chromosome, acting as protein binding sites. The aim of this study was to examine the differences in telomere length in blood, saliva, and tissue samples at various stages of oral precancerous and ...  Read More

Original Research Hematopathology
Evaluation of the Findings of Peripheral Blood Smear, Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy, Iron Storage, and Immunophenotype in Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Elham Jafari; Shiva Didehban; Ali Hosseini; Parisa Khorasani

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 153-160


  Background & Objective: Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is one of the most common types of leukemia in adults with various signs, symptoms, and types of progression. In this study, we have investigated the frequency and correlation of laboratory findings including peripheral blood smear, bone ...  Read More

Original Research Breast Pathology
Cytoplasmic Expression of p16 Is Associated with Carcinoma Breast: It Is Not an Artifact

Sudipta Naskar; Nadeem Tanveer; Sonal Sharma; Navneet Kaur

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 161-170


  Background & Objective: p16 has different roles in the nuclear and cytoplasmic locations. The nuclear localization of the p16 protein explains its role in cell cycle regulation. Cytoplasmic expression was considered an artifact in the initial years, but there is evidence to prove that cytoplasmic ...  Read More

Original Research
Strategic Framework for Strengthening Health Laboratory Services in the COVID-19 Pandemic in Iran

Nooshafarin Safadel; Parisa Dahim; Siamak Mirab Samiee; Katayoon Khodaverdian; Maryam Mir Mohammad ali Roodaki; Soghra Anjarani; Shahla Farsi; Mahdi Rafiee; Marjan Rahnamaye Farzami

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 171-178


  Background & Objective: Providing equitable access to good quality, timely, and affordable laboratory testing has always been a top priority for the Ministry of Health and Medical Education (MoH-ME) and the Reference Health Laboratory (RHL). Considering the significant role of medical laboratories ...  Read More

Original Research Breast Pathology
Significance of RCC2, Rac1 and p53 Expression in Breast Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma; An Immunohistochemical Study

Aiat Shaban Hemida; Reham Ahmed Abdelaziz; Moshira Mohammed Abd El-Wahed; Nancy Youssef Asaad; Marwa Mohammed Serag El-Edien; Hend Ali Elshahat

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 179-195


  Background & Objective: The regulator of chromosome condensation 2 (RCC2) and RAS-related C3 botulinum toxin substrate 1 (Rac1) have been implicated in the promotion of breast cancer cell proliferation and migration. The signaling pathway involving p53/RCC2/Rac1 has been proposed to contribute to ...  Read More

Original Research Microbiology
Targeted Therapy with a Novel Superantigen-based Fusion Protein Against Interleukin-13 Receptor α2-overexpressing Tumor Cells: An in-Silico Study

Zahra Gholipour; Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi; Kazem Parivar; Raheleh Halabian

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 196-208


  Background & Objective: Superantigens are bacterial toxins that induce a massive immune response in the host. Superantigen staphylococcal enterotoxin B (SEB) can form a ternary complex with its receptors, MHC class II (MHCII) and TCR, and can be used in tumor-targeting therapy, particularly when ...  Read More

Original Research Biology & Genetic
Bioinformatic-based Study to Investigate the Structure and Function of Pro-inflammatory Cytokines TNFα and IL-6 Involved in the Pathogenesis of COVID-19

Seyedeh Elham Norollahi; Kosar Babaei; Vida Balooei; Seyed Masoud Hashemi Karouei; Mohammadtaghi Ashoobi; Elahe Asghari Gharakhyli; Ali Akbar Samadani

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 209-221


  Background & Objective: Besides the clinical and laboratory research on the COVID-19 virus, the bioinformatics study in the field of genetics of immunity to COVID-19 is of particular importance. In this account, studies show that in patients with COVID-19, the level of tumor necrosis alpha (TNFα) ...  Read More

Original Research Gynecologic Pathology
Prevalence and Pattern of GATA3 Immunohistochemical Expression in Female Genital Tract Adenocarcinomas

Elham Mirzaian; Tahereh Doustmohammadi; Mahshid Panahi; Soheila Sarmadi; Fereshteh Ameli; Fatemeh Nili

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 222-228


  Background & Objective: GATA3 immunohistochemistry has been described as a highly sensitive marker in determining carcinomas of breast and urothelial origin. In the gynecologic system, it can be used as a marker to diagnose mesonephric or mesonephric-like carcinomas and trophoblastic tumors. The ...  Read More

Original Research Uropathology
The Role of P4HB and SOX4 in Prostatic Carcinoma and Their Clinical Significance

Marwa Mohammed Dawoud; Noha Elkady; Rasha Adel Abdelmoneum; Ahmed S Ghonaimy; Dina Mohamed Allam

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 229-239


  Background & Objective: Prostatic adenocarcinoma (PAC) is the second most prevalent cancer and the fifth leading cause of cancer death in men worldwide. Additionally, pathologists may face problems diagnosing it reliably and may need more than one marker. Thus, the search for new immunohistochemical ...  Read More

Original Research Gynecologic Pathology
Utility of ER, p53, CEA and Napsin A in Histological Subtyping of Endometrial Carcinoma and Their Correlation with Clinicopathological Prognostic Parameters: Experience from a Referral Institute

Saumya Shivakumar; Kausalya Kumari Sahu; Ranjitha Rao; Chaithra GV; Cheryl Sarah Philipose; Sharada Rai

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 240-248


  Background & Objective: Endometrial Carcinoma (EC) is the most common gynecological cancer with a global incidence of 23.2 per 1 lakh population. Histological subclassification of EC is extremely crucial for the diagnosis, proper management strategies, and prognosis. This study was conducted in a ...  Read More

Original Research Oral Pathology
Evaluation of Mir-1290 as a Possible Diagnostic Factor in the Serum of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients with Qualitative Real-Time Polymerase Chain Reaction

Siavash Bagheri Shirvan; Mehdi Shahabinejad; Farnaz Mohajertehran; Nazanin Nazari

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 249-255


  Background & Objective: This study aimed to determine the incidence of microRNA (miRNA; miR-1290) in the serum of oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) patients compared to a control group using the qualitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) method.Methods: Blood serum samples were obtained ...  Read More

Original Research Diagnostic Pathology
Clinicopathological Profile of Primary Extra Nodal Lymphoma from a Tertiary Care Center in South India

Nischitha Suvarna; Vidya Monappa

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 256-265


  Background:Primary extra nodal lymphoma (pENL) is a malignant lymphoid neoplasm that presents with the main bulk of disease at an extra nodal site. The incidence of primary pENL has risen sharply in recent years due to the advent of better diagnostic modalities. Diagnosing pENL can be challenging due ...  Read More

Case Reports Microbiology
Proven Cutaneous Mucormycosis in a COVID-19 Patient: A Case Report and Literature Review

Arezoo Salami; Mahsa Falahatinejad; Mahsa Abdorahimi; Mohammadreza Salehi; Farzad Aala; Alireza Abdollahi; Hana Saffar; Sadegh Khodavaisy

Volume 19, Issue 2 , February 2024, Pages 266-275


  There has been a rise in COVID-19-associated mucormycosis (CAM) cases, particularly in low-income countries. We describe a case of primary cutaneous mucormycosis after recovering from COVID-19 in a kidney transplant recipient who had a known case of diabetes mellitus. The patient developed cutaneous ...  Read More