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Department of Anatomical and Surgical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Sina Hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran


Thyroid gland metastatic tumors are rare in clinical practice. Clear cell RCC is one of common metastatic tumors to thyroid. We here reported a case of incidentally found clear cell renal carcinoma metastasis to the thyroid gland 3 years after nephrectomy, in the thyroidectomy procedure performed for the patient due to the thyroid enlargement caused by multinodular goiter. A 65-year-old Iranian man with a history of multinodular goiter referred to our surgery clinic for thyroidectomy because of compressive effects on the trachea. Patient had a history of nephrectomy due to clear cell RCC 3 years ago. After thyroidectomy, gross and histological examination of thyroid revealed clear cell renal carcinoma metastasis to the thyroid gland in the setting of a multinodular goiter. The diagnosis was confirmed by immunohistochemistry staining. Patients with multinodular goiter are more prone to present with metastasis to thyroid gland if they have a history of malignancy, especially renal cell carcinoma.


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