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Quarterly Journal of Anatomical and Clinical Pathology

The IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY (IJP),  is an international journal and publishes original research papers, reviews, case  reports, short communications and letters to editor with priority for  high quality original papers on mechanisms of disease and clinical trials. We accept manuscripts that report important findings  on disease pathogenesis and basic biological mechanisms that relate to disease without preferences for a  specific method of analysis. High priority is given to  studies on human diseases and relevant experimental models that use cellular, molecular, biochemical & immunological approaches in conjunction with morphology, and to manuscripts that report new diagnostic methods or analytical systems and their application in studies of disease pathogenesis and diagnosis.   


  • Bone and Soft Tissue Pathology,
  • Dermatopathology,
  • Biochemistry,
  • Biology & Genetic,
  • Infectious Diseases,
  • Microbiology,
  • GI pathology & Hepatopathology,
  • Endocrine Pathology,
  • ENT & Ophthalmic Pathology,
  • Gynecologic & Breast Pathology,
  • Molecular Pathology,
  • Nephropathology,
  • Neuropathology,
  • Neuroscience and Anatomy,
  • Oncology & Hematology,
  • Oral Pathology,
  • Pediatric Pathology,
  • Surgical Pathology,
  • Diagnostic Pathology,
  • Uropathology




Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 4, Autumn 2019 

Original Research

1. Low Expression of Occludin in the Melanoma Patient

Pages 272-278


Pouri Salehi; Farzaneh Tafvizi; Kambiz Kamyab Hesari

2. Absence of Human Papillomavirus in Benign and Malignant Breast Tissue

Pages 279-283


Maryam Kazemi Aghdam; Seyed Alireza Nadji; Azadeh Alvandimanesh; Maliheh Khoddami; Yassaman Khademi

4. Promoter Methylation of Four Tumor Suppressor Genes in Human Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Pages 290-298


Fatemeh Khatami; Bagher Larijani; Ramin Heshmat; Shirzad Nasiri; Hiva Saffar; Gita Shafiee; Azam Mossafa; Seyed Mohammad Tavangar

6. Designing and Analyzing the Structure of DT-STXB Fusion Protein as an Anti-tumor Agent: An in Silico Approach

Pages 305-312


Zeynab Mohseni Moghadam; Raheleh Halabian; Hamid Sedighian; Elham Behzadi; Jafar Amani; Abbas ali Imani fooladi

10. Molecular Characteristics of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Isolated from Diabetic Foot Infection

Pages 329-337


Pegah Kananizadeh; Solmaz Ohadian Moghadam; Yasaman Sadeghi; Abbas Rahimi Foroushani; Hossein Adibi; Mohammad Reza Pourmand

Case Reports

11. Multiple High Grade Rhabdoid Papillary Meningiomas Mimicking Choroid Plexus Carcinoma: A Case Report

Pages 338-341


Arezoo Eftekhar-Javadi; Dorna Motevalli; Ahmad Pourrashidi Boshrabadi; Hedieh Moradi Tabriz; Hoda Asefi

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