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Original Research Cardiovascular Pathology
Evaluation of Serum Pentraxin-3 Level in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction Compared with Control Group

Alireza Firouzjahi; Saeedeh Eris; Seyed Farzad Jalali; Ali Bijani; Mohammad Ranaei

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 243-247


  Background & Objective: The aim of this study was to measure serum pentraxin 3 (PTX3) in patients with acute myocardial infarction (MI) and compare it with the control group.Methods: In this case-control study, 60 patients with MI (±ST-segment elevation) were included in the case group , and ...  Read More

Original Research Cytology
Diagnostic Utility of Combined CEA, CA15-3 and CA125 Biomarkers and Cytomorphology in Suspicious and Malignant Serosal Fluid

Zahra Rahemi; Abdolreza Javadi; Behrang Kazeminejad; Abdolali Ebrahimi; Houman Vosough; Afsoon Taghavi; Shahriar Dabiri

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 248-255


  Background & Objective: Early detection of malignancies in the serous fluids has been remained an issue. A classic diagnostic tool for the ascites and pleural effusions is cytologic study (morphology) with approximately 98% specificity for the detection of cancer cells. This study aimed to evaluate ...  Read More

Original Research Cytology
An Investigation on the Results of Cytopathologic Tests of Pancreatobiliary System Performed in the Pathology Department in Iran

Afshin Moradi; Amir Sadeghi; Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei; Tahmineh Mollasharifi; Mahsa Ahadi; Elena Jamali; Afsoon Taghavi; Nasim Foroozandeh Shahraki; Arsham Moradi

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 256-265


  Background & Objective: Pancreatobiliary system disorders commonly include inflammatory diseases and tumors. Diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is challenging and is mostly achieved when the disease has extensively progressed, and metastasis has occurred. Therefore, this study was performed to evaluate ...  Read More

Original Research GI, Liver & Pancreas Pathology
The Outcome of Induction Chemotherapy, Followed by Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy and Surgery, in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer

Ali Yaghobi Joybari; Behnaz Behzadi; Payam Azadeh; Sam Alahyari

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 266-273


  Background & Objective: Currently, neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy, followed by surgery, is the standard treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer. The use of induction chemotherapy for this tumor is controversial. In this study, the benefits and side effects of induction chemotherapy in locally ...  Read More

Original Research Lab Safety
Work-related Hazards Among Pathologists and Residents of Pathology: Results of a Cross-sectional Study in Iran

Maryam Kadivar; Elaheh Kabir-Mokamelkhah; Zohreh Habibi-Shams

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 274-283


  Background & Objective: Pathologists as medical professionals involved in the diagnosis and planning of therapies in many diseases are exposed to occupational hazards in workplaces. Hence, we aimed to determine the occupational health problems among Iranian pathologists in this cross-sectional study.Methods: ...  Read More

Original Research Breast Pathology
HE4, A New Potential Tumor Marker for Early Diagnosis and Predicting of Breast Cancer Progression

Nazanin Mirmohseni Namini; Alireza Abdollahi; Monireh Movahedi; Amirnader Emami Razavi; Reza Saghiri

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 284-296


  Background & Objective: This study examined the potential of human epididymis protein 4 (HE4) as a marker in early diagnosis or as a prognostic factor for breast cancer (BC) patients.Methods: A total of 31 patients diagnosed with BC were enrolled in the study between 2008 and 2018. The mRNA and protein ...  Read More

Review Article Uropathology
Evaluation of P53 and CK20 Immunohistochemical Markers in Comparison with Morphologic Findings in Low- and High-grade Urothelial Carcinomas

Mahsa Ahadi; Afshin Moradi; Banafshe Bayat; Hanieh Zham; Seyed Jalil Hosseini; Sara Zahedifar; Afsoon Taghavi

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 297-303


  Background & Objective: Urothelial carcinoma is the seventh most common cancer in the world. The histological classification of papillary carcinoma is one of the most important determinants for its prognosis. Sometimes there is an overlap in the extent of the tumor, and the accurate microscopic diagnosis ...  Read More

Original Research Infectious Diseases
Urine Biochemical Parameters in Predicting Severity of SARS-CoV-2 Infection: an Experience in Tertiary Care Centre in Western India

Priyanka Sangappa Murgod; Preeti Rajeev Doshi; Ravindra C Nimbargi

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 304-309


  Background & Objective: Coronavirus is an enveloped RNA virus that mainly causes respiratory infection. Real-time reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test of nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab is the confirmatory diagnostic test for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus ...  Read More

Original Research Uropathology
Expression of PAX2 and PAX8 in Wilms Tumor: A Tissue Microarray-based Immunohistochemical Study

Salma Sefidbakht; Atieh Khorsand-Rahimzadeh; Sahar Omidi; Sedigheh Mohsenpourian; Elham Mirzaian

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 310-315


  Background & Objective: There is currently inadequate information about the expression of immunohistochemical markers in pediatric tumors. Paired box genes 2 and 8 (PAX2 and PAX8) genes have an essential role in kidney organogenesis. This study aimed to investigate the IHC expression of PAX2 and ...  Read More

Original Research Oral Pathology
Evaluation of the Relationship Between the Invasive Front of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Clinicopathological Parameters

Nooshin Mohtasham; Narges Ghazi; Kazem Anvari; Farnaz Mohajertehran; Tahmineh Organji; Mehdi Shahabinejad

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 316-324


  Background & Objective: The present study investigated the relationship between invasive front (IF) of tumors and clinicopathological parameters including stage, grade, nodal involvement, lymphocytic host response (LHR), recurrence, overall survival (OS), and disease-free survival (DFS).Methods: ...  Read More

Original Research GI, Liver & Pancreas Pathology
Microsatellite Instability and Colorectal Cancer, Immunohistochemical and Molecular Evaluation by Using DNA Sequencing: A Single Center Experience

Bita Geramizadeh; Farzaneh Bozorg-Ghalati; Firoozeh Jafari; Mitra Mirzai; Zahra Jowkar

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 325-331


  Background & Objective: Microsatellite instability is common in familial colorectal cancers. It can be tested by the molecular and immunohistochemical methods. There are very few studies which address comparing the clinicopathological characteristics of microsatellite stable (MSS) and microsatellite ...  Read More

Case Reports Hematopathology
Severe Prekallikrein Deficiency Associated with Low Level of Factor XII: A Case Report

Massoumeh Shahbazi; Minoo Ahmadinejad; Shahnaz Fakhrzadegan

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 332-336


  Hereditary deficiency of plasma prekallikrein (PPK) is a rare autosomal recessive disease. The affected patients are often asymptomatic and diagnosed incidentally during preoperative investigations or during hospitalization by isolated prolongation of activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT). In ...  Read More

Case Reports Dermatopathology
Cardiac Involvement and Subsequent Death due to Extranodal NK/T Cell Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma: An Autopsy Case and Brief Review of the Literature

Nikolaos D. Goutas; Emmanouil I. Sakelliadis; Eleftheria Lakiotaki; Konstantinos D. Katsos; Kalliroi Spanou; Pinelopi Korkolopoulou; Dimitrios G. Vlachodimitropoulos

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 337-342


  Cardiac tumors range from benign to high grade malignancies. The incidence of cardiac involvement either by primary, or secondary tumors during autopsy is reported to be extremely low. Extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma (ENKTL), nasal type is an unusual type of lymphoma. The skin is the second most common ...  Read More

Letters to the Editor Microbiology
The Bright Side of COVID-19: Integrated Art-based and Virtual Learning in Medical Education

Afsaneh Yakhforoshha; Fatemeh SamieeRad

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 343-345


  This approach to learning is in accordance with the first of six strategies of Harden SPICES model for curriculum development: student-centered against teacher-centered approach (S) (7,8). In total, the results from medical students and the Knowles’ Andragogical Model as a theoretical lens, is ...  Read More

Letters to the Editor Microbiology
Concerning the Prevalence of HPV Genotypes and the Evaluation of Pap smear Results in Iranian Population: An Update

Sina Neshat; Padideh Daneii; Negar Neshat; Sina Raeisi; Saba Raeisi; Seyed Mohammad Malakooti; Noushin Afshar Moghadam

Volume 16, Issue 3 , July 2021, Pages 346-347


  Human papillomavirus infection is one of the most common genital infections. More than 100 types of the virus have been identified, most of which can infect the genital mucosa. The virus is associated with cancerous and precancerous lesions of the cervix. Some types, such as human papillomavirus 16 and ...  Read More