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1. Hematological and Biological Markers of Neonatal Sepsis

Rajesh Singh Laishram; Ranjana Devi Khuraijam

Volume 8, Issue 3 , Summer 2013, , Pages 137-146

    Septicemia in neonates is the commonest cause of mortality. Early recognition and diagnosis of neonatal sepsis remains a challenge because of the variable and nonspecific clinical presentation. The laboratory criteria are often non specific and not fully reliable. The objective of this review ...  Read More

2. Cytomorphological Patterns of Nodular Lesions of Liver

Alpana Banerjee; Rajesh Singh Laishram; Ahongshangbam Meina Singh; Moirangthem Kulachandra Singh; Durlav Chandra Sharma

Volume 7, Issue 2 , Spring 2012, , Pages 70-79

  Background and Objectives: Nodular lesions of liver are usually neoplastic (primary or metastatic), although inflammatory lesions can occur. The objectives of this paper were to study the cytomorphological changes in various nodular lesions of liver and to correlate the cytomorphological findings with ...  Read More

3. Breast Metastasis of Ovarian Carcinoma

Dhaneshor Sharma; Tomcha Singh; Rajesh Singh Laishram; Ranjit Singh

Volume 6, Issue 3 , Spring 2011, , Pages 143-146

  Breast metastasis of ovarian carcinoma is rare. To date, only 39 cases have been reported in the English-language  literature  so  far.  We  are  herewith  reporting  a  primary  ovarian  papillary  serous  cyst adenocarcinoma metastasing ...  Read More

4. Spontaneous Infarction of Fibroadenoma of the Breast in a Young Girl Mimicking Carcinoma

Rajesh Laishram

Volume 5, Issue 4 , Summer 2010, , Pages 212-215

  Background: Spontaneous infarction is an uncommon complication of fibroadenoma of the breast. Although infarction following fine needle aspiration (FNA) has been reported in the literature, infarction encountering on first time aspiration is very rare. Lack of knowledge of this entity may lead to an ...  Read More