Document Type : Case Reports


Dept. of Pathology, Iran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


  Schwannomas are benign nerve sheath tumors that originate from any anatomical site. Most of the schwannomas are found in the head, neck or limbs. Schwannoma arising in a lymph node is extremely rare. We have found only four cases in the review of the literature. We experienced a case of intranodal schwannoma in a perigastric lymph node. A 72 year-old female underwent cholecystectomy due to clinical signs of cholecystitis. A mass was found in perigastric area on lesser curvature of the stomach. The mass was excised in an encapsulated state. On histological examination, the node was composed of a proliferation of bland spindle cells, which immunohistochemically was positive for S100 protein and negative for smooth muscle actin, desmin, and cytokeratin. The morphologic and immunatistochemical studies revealed an extremely rare case of schwannoma of the lymph node.