Document Type : Original Research


Dept. of Pathology, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.


  Background and Objective: In this study, we explored expression rate, some biomarkers affecting the prognosis of the breast carcinoma, and the relationship between these markers and clinicopathologic features of the disease as well as the relationship between each of these markers through a tissue array technique. Materials and Methods: This study was an observational and cross-sectional study. From 100 breast samples which had been diagnosed as invasive ductal carcinoma, blocks were prepared through a tissue array method and were stained by monoclonal antibodies of the markers. All data were analyzed using SPSS program. Results: The appearance rate of EGF-R marker had a direct relationship with the degree of malignancy (p=0.026), metallothionein marker with the mean number of mitosis (p=0.044), sialyl-Tn marker with the macroscopic size of tumor (p=0.036), the appearance of cyclin B1 marker with the appearance of metallothionein marker (p=0.012), and the appearance rate of EGF-R marker had a reverse relationship with Nm23 (p=0.020). Conclusion: Through investigating the relationship between some biomarkers such as EGF-R and metallothionein and the clinicopathogenic features of tumor or the relationship between each marker and the other parameters, we can assess the state of invasion and metastasis process or the degree of its malignancy or determine its prognosis.