1 . Eidtor-in-Chief, Iranian Journal of Pathology, Tehran, Iran

2 Dept. of Pathology, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran

We are presently observing great achievements on different branches of science, especially on Medicine. Pathology as a clinical discipline that has a close relationship with other fields of medicine has been known as mother of medicine according to many of renowned medicine references and has had very great advances like other fields. Its outstanding and key position in medical sciences and advances in many fields of clinical and basic sciences of medicine are amongst its causes of achievements.

Iran as a powerful country in the region and the world is determined to be the first scientific country in the region in the year 2026 according to country’s complete plan. Therefore, it is first necessary to determine the scientific condition of the country and then with regard to positive and weak points and position of other countries, a suitable program is planned to achieve the first rank in the region. For this reason, Iranian Society of Pathology is determined to evaluate Pathology discipline and course in three aspects of education, research, and health services.

Since education has a key role in advancement and development of research and health services, therefore, it is especially important and critical. For this reason, a specialized committee has been shaped for evaluation of Pathology education in the country, especially in two selected of Tehran and Iran Universities of Medical Sciences. In this evaluation, it is aimed to evaluate the weak and positive points of the presented educational program in the aforementioned universities and to its match with accepted and complete program for Pathology education to residents of Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. Furthermore, two countries from three selected ones including Turkey, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia are evaluated and compared for their program of Pathology education. For achieving the considered goals, it is essential to evaluate the educational programs of two advanced countries that will be United States of America and Australia according to the plan. In addition, with regard to significance of Pathology education in teaching of general medicine, this is also evaluated and necessary recommendations are presented for improving quality of general medicine education.

Regarding research, like education, the goal is to evaluate country’ position and compare it with countries in the region and with two advanced ones. It is also planned to evaluate research field with regard to the number of researchers and research centers, published books and papers, and other important research criteria.

Since health services is a key sign for advancement of countries and Pathology has a key role in diagnosis of disorders and presentation of health services is achieved on the basis of trained personnel, a team of experts are evaluating and preparing a complete report in this field.

Following the preparation of the draft report on education, research, and treatment aspects by specialized committees, as planned for late January 2010, a one-day seminar with participation of experts and specialists will be hold by Iranian Society of Pathology for evaluation of this report and its final report will be due for late February 2010.

We openly welcome those colleagues specialized in above-mentioned fields for participation in committees and for preparation of final report. It is hoped that results of this project are presented as several review articles in forthcoming issues of Iranian Journal of Pathology.