Document Type : Case Reports


1 Dept. of Pathology, North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri, India

2 Dept. of Community Medicine, North Bengal Medical College, Siliguri, India


Giant cell glioblastoma is an extremely rare variant of Glioblastoma (WHO grade IV) which is characterized by a predominance of bizarre, multinucleated giant cells. These tumors comprise of 0.8% of brain tumors and up to 5% of glioblastomas. In pediatric age group, these tumors are still uncommon with only around 53 published cases since 1952. Here, we report a case of a 12-year old female patient who presented in outpatient clinic with a short period history of headache and seizures. A CT scan showed a large right sided frontal space occupying lesion with areas of calcification. The patient was operated and subsequent histopathology revealed a high-grade astrocytic tumor with increased  cellularity,  atypical  mitosis,  bizarre  multinucleated  giant  cells  along  with  large  areas  of ischemic  necrosis  and  calcification.  A  diagnosis  of  Giant  cell  glioblastoma  (WHO  Grade  IV)  was made. The patient was symptomatically well at 3-month follow-up.