Document Type : Original Research


1 Neonatal Research Center, Mashhad, Iran

2 Dept. of Pathology, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran

3 Dept. of Immunology, Immunology research center, Mashhad, Iran

4 Dept. of Social Medicine, Mashhad, Iran


Background and Objectives: Complement proteins are some of the most important plasma proteins of the innate immune system. Impaired immune function is reported in subjects who are iron deficient, and there are documents that these patients are prone to infection. This study was conducted to show whether serum C3 and C4 complement change in adult nonpregnant female with iron deficient anemia or not. Methods: Forty five normal subjects and 45 iron deficient anemia (hypochrom microcytic) cases were entered in this case and control study by using patients’ clinical history and also results of CBC, Serum ferritin, iron and total iron binding capacity. Serum C3, and C4 were measured in case and control subjects with nephlometry method, finally comparison between result of patients group and control group was done with using suitable statistical test. Results: Mean serum C3 and C4 in patient group was 1.28 ± 0.81 and 0.28 ± 0.23 g/L respectively and for control group was 1.39 ± 0.87 and 0.35 ± 0.25 g/L respectively. Although serum complements were slightly lower in patient groups in compared to control group but this differences was not meaningful with t test. Conclusion: This study showed serum C3 and C4 complements levels were not changed in iron deficiency anemia.