Document Type : Case Reports


1 Dept. of Pathology, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran

2 Dept. of Surgery, Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences, Yazd, Iran


 Endometrial adenocarcinoma is uncommon in fewer than 40-year-old people. The first common sign and symptoms are abnormal vaginal bleeding and discharge. Metastasis is occurred in the late stage. Here we present a 31-year-old nullipar woman who was admitted to surgical ward with enlarged right inguinal lymphnode from one month ago. She had no history of previous malignancy, infectious condition, vaginal bleeding, and discharge. Abdominal sonography revealed no abnormality. She underwent surgical biopsy and metastatic adenocarcinoma most suspected from genital tract was reported. Based on pathological recommendation diagnostic curettage was performed and endometrial adenocarcinoma of conventional type as a first origin was confirmed. To our knowledge metastasis to inguinal lymph node as a first manifestation of endometrial carcinoma is rare.


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