Document Type : Letters to the Editor


1 Nutritional Clinic, Maefahlaung University Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

2 Thai POCT forum coordinator, Bangkok, Thailand

Sir, the problem of isolated splenic metastasis is an extremely rare condition in medical oncology. There are fewer than 100 reports until present. The primary sources can be breast, lung, colorectal or ovary. Here, the authors report an additional case of female patient with breast cancer. She was consulted to the physician about the problem of continuous fever and abdominal pain. In this case, the patient got the complete breast cancer therapy and on continuous following up. This can was first investigated by abdominal CT scan and the small (0.5 cm) splenic cyst can be seen. The patient was firstly treated as splenic abscess due to the fever and lymphocytosis from CBC. However, no response can be derived. After 1 month following up, repeated CT scan was redone and the new finding read the splenic metastasis. Of interest, this is a rare case of isolated splenic metastasis. The presentation as continuous fever has ever been previous reported for this condition (1). This case died within 3 months after identification of the splenic metastasis. No autopsy was allowed by the cousin of the patient.