Document Type : Case Reports


1 Department of Pathology, Bankura Sammilani Medical College, Bankura, West Bengal, India

2 Department of Pathology, R.G. Kar Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

3 Department of Ophthalmology, KPC Medical College, Kolkata, West Bengal, India


Superficial acral fibromyxoma are rare soft tissue tumors predominantly involving hands and feet of adults. There are only a few reported cases of this benign neoplasm, but no FNAC diagnosis of this tumor is reported in the literature. A Forty-eight year old female presented with a 5 x 3.5 cm globular, firm swelling over the right fifth toe. Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of the lesion was interpretated as superficial acral fibromyxoma, and Subsequent histopathology confirmed the diagnosis and demonstrated cytohistological correlation for the first reported time in the literature. SAFM may recur if not adequately excised. Preoperative FNAC diagnosis will help the surgeons to plan for wider excision to prevent recurrence.  


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