Document Type : Case Reports


Department of Pathology, Father Muller’s Medical College, Mangalore, India


Hamartomatous polyps of the palatine tonsil are very rare. They have been variously termed as a lymphangiectatic fibrous polyp, lipoma, pedunculated tonsil etc. in the English literature. We present here a case of hamartomatous polyp of the tonsil occurring in a 32-year-old male who presented with bilateral enlarged palatine tonsils with recurrent tonsillitis. Surgical excision showed two pale brown nodular tissue bits, larger measuring 4x3x1 cm and smaller measuring 3.5x2.5x1.5 cm. An irregular pedunculated  polypoidal tissue measuring 1.5x1x0.8cm was seen attached to the smaller mass, the cut surface of which showed  pale white, lobulated areas. On histological examination, the polyp showed lining by stratified squamous epithelium and was composed of fibrocollagenous stroma with many dilated blood vessels, adipocytes, subepithelial lymphoid aggregates and benign mucinous glands suggestive of a hamartomatous polyp. Both the tonsils showed features of chronic tonsillitis.


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