Document Type : Original Research


Dept. of Pathology, Bankura Sammilani Medical College, Bankura, India



Background & Objectives: Tubular adenomas are rare benign epithelial tumours of breast affecting predominantly females of child bearing age group. Till now, very small number of cases have been reported in the literature. Present study was carried out to evaluate the clinico-pathological features of tubular adenoma cases diagnosed during three years study period along with discussion of possible differential diagnoses. Methods: Overall, 346 female breast biopsies were diagnosed as benign lesions in three years (2010-2012), of which 10 cases of tubular adenomas were identified. Available clinical, radiological and cytological data of these cases were analysed retrospectively in detail. Result: Tubular adenomas were identified from 16 to 48 years of age with a predilection to younger age group (60% within 30 years). Most of the tubular adenomas were small and circumscribed mimicking fibroadenoma in almost all the cases. Diagnosis of tubular adenoma in each case was possible only after histological examination. Pre-operative diagnosis of tubular adenoma was not established by cytological and radiological evaluation in any case. Conclusion: Tubular adenomas are clinically indistinguishable from other benign breast neoplasms and it should be considered as potential differential diagnosis during histopathological evaluation of breast biopsies.  

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