Dept. of Pathology, Grant Medical College, Mumbai, India


Mucinous carcinoma of the breast is a well differentiated, rare histological type of invasive ductal carcinoma, seen in oldest median age (69 years). We describe a case of a 60 yr old female with large right breast mass of 10 years duration with no nodal involvement. The reasons to present this case are 1) Because of its rarity. 2) Despite having a large tumour size, the axillary lymph node is not involved, hence rendering favourable prognosis. 3) Fine needle aspiration cytology can be used as an important tool in early detection of pure mucinous carcinoma of breast. 4) Careful clinical examination should be performed when suspicious for mucinous carcinoma because lymph node metastasis changes prognosis and treatment modalities .5) Pure mucinous carcinomas should be distinguished from mixed neoplasm, because the latter have a poorer prognosis that is most likely related to the extent of invasive carcinoma lacking extracellular mucin.


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