Document Type : Letters to the Editor


1 Sanitation Medical Academic Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2 Visiting Professor, Hainan Medical University, China

Sir, the recent report on sero-prevalence of cytomegalovirus and toxoplasma infections among newly diagnosed HIV patients is very interesting (1). Basically, the CMV and toxoplasmosis are considered opportunistic infections that are rarely seen in general healthy immunocompetent population. The clinical presentations of CMV include retinitis, dysphagia and pneumonia, whereas the clinical presentations of toxoplasmosis include lymphadenitis and neurological deficit. Statistically, in helath population, the prevalence of CMV and toxoplasmosis seropositivities are 3.3 % (2) and 9.3 % (3), respectively. In the present case control study, Abdollahi et al. concluded that “CMV and toxoplasmosis infection are highly prevalent among HIV infected patients and also healthy controls, with a higher seropositive rate of CMV in HIV cases (1).” Indeed, either CMV or toxoplasmosis is classified as important infection among HIV infected cases and these diseases can be seen around the world. Based on the derived data, the next question is how to manage the situation. Ajayi et al. noted that “a large number of HIV-positive patients are carriers of other antibodies and should be screened for them before therapy (4).”  The screening tests for both diseases among any HIV infected patients might be useful and should be further studied for cost effectiveness.

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