Document Type : Case Reports


1 Dept. of Oral Medicine & Radiology, Haldia Institute of Dental Sciences and Research, Haldia, West Bengal, India

2 Dept. of Dentistry, Murshidabad Medical College and Hospital, Berhampore, West Bengal, India


Gorham’s disease is a rare and atypical disorder epitomized by progressive osteolysis of bone with eventual total disappearance of bone. The etiology is poorly understood with variable clinical presentation. Most times it is initially misdiagnosed as temporomandibular joint dysfunction, periodontal disease or odontogenic tumors clinically and radiographically in routine dental practice. Radiographic examination, such as Cone Beam Computerized Tomography (CBCT) play a vital role in diagnosing such disorder resulting in disappearance of the involved bone entirely, which is a definitive distinguishing feature of this condition. Regarding the rarity of the condition, the current study presents a case of Gorham’s disease with distinctive clinical, radiological, and histological, features involving maxilla and mandible.


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