Document Type : Original Research


Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Research Center, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran


Background & Objective: It is noteworthy that vast data links NETs to human arterial thrombosis. In the current study, extracellular neutrophil networks and macrophage polarization were assessed in the area outside and inside the Carotid artery stenosis.
Methods: The sample of Carotid plaque of the patient was divided into two halves with a transverse incision; the terms inner part and outer part were used for the plaque's inner part and the adjacent area. Samples were sorted in 10% formalin for CD163, CD11c, MPO, and histone H3 immunohistochemistry assessment, while part of the sample was stored at -80°C for western blotting assay with PDA4 marker.
Results: Results of this study showed that the extracellular neutrophil in the inner part of the Carotid plaque was significantly increased (P<0.0001), while the number of M1 and M2 macrophages was higher in the inner part compared with the outer part of the Carotid plaque (P<0.0001).


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