Document Type : Original Research


Scientometrics and Library & Information Sciences, Faculty of Humanities, Shahed University, Tehran, Iran


Background & Objective: This study examines the extent of scientific publications and patents in pathology and forensic medicine globally and the citation relationship between them from 2011 to 2020, indexed in the Scopus database.
Methods: In this scientometric study, data were extracted from the SciVal citation database. Search feature and library study method and annual growth rate, relative growth rate, and linear model were used to retrieve and analyze the data. The scientometric indicators included the number of publications and patents of the university in collaboration with industry, the number of articles cited by patents, the number of patents cited by articles, the average number of patents cited by articles, and the number of articles cited.
Results: The results showed a poor collaboration between academia and industry in pathology and forensic Medicine, and North America is the busiest region in this field. The average growth of patents based on articles, the number of articles mentioned in patents, citations to patents, and the average number of patents of an institute in the articles of that institute have a positive exponential relationship. Based on the linear model, the relationship between articles and citations equals R2 = 0.982, which is inverse and negative. The data set of articles and citations was suitable for polynomial (R2 = .994), linear (R2= .982) and exponential (R2 = .887) models.
Conclusion: The research process of pathology and forensic medicine is inappropriate, and the citation relationships between articles and patents in this field are weak. Strengthening the link between academia and industry in pathology and forensic medicine can strengthen research in this field.


  • Pathology and forensic Medicine study and identify functional abnormalities and structural changes in tissues.
  • Pathology deals with various changes in the body during illness.
  • The collaboration between the university and the industry leads to quality scientific publications and patents.
  • Allocating more funds to research increases the quality of scientific publications.
  • The quality of publications increases the number of citations.


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