Document Type : Case Reports


1 Dept. of Pathology, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (HIMSR), Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India

2 Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Hamdard Institute of Medical Sciences and Research (HIMSR), Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India


Endometrial calcification along with ossification is an uncommon clinical entity. Most of the cases are asymptomatic or present with secondary infertility. Endometrial ossification associated with repeated abortions has been reported very infrequently. Here we report a case of endometrial calcification with ossification  due to retained fetal bony tissue in a 38 year old symptomatic female having previous history of two abortions. This case highlights the importance of detailed clinical history, ultrasonographic and endometrial evaluation along with histopathological examination in a patient having repeated abortions. It also emphasizes the need to consider endometrial tuberculosis in the differential diagnosis of endometrial calcification and subsequent ossification especially in areas where tuberculosis is rampant.


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